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  • 1101 Cumberland Street
  • Little Rock, AR, 72202
  • United States

Join us for a weekend of Silks workshops and training with owner of Moxie Mischief Aerial Arts (Dallas), Jessica Harris! 

Jessica will be teaching three workshops on Sunday, August 21st! 


-Splits for Days-

It is amazing how many different kinds of splits you can create on the fabric! In this workshop we will go over 1001 different splits (okay maybe not that many) different entrances in and out of some of the more common splits, and discuss how you can create your own splits and adapt them into your own sequences. 

-Locks, Keys, and Everything in Between- 

In this workshop we'll explore different hip key and thigh lock sequences, both static and spinning. Explore taking some of your normal sequences to a split silk and start to look at creating your own new and innovative sequences. 

-Stars, Comets, and other Out of this World Drops!-

Who doesn't love drops? In this workshop we will explore star drops, star drop add-ons, and all of the many variations you can do from those wraps. We will slow them down, speed them up, spin them around, and so much more!