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Join Arkansas Circus Arts as we welcome amazing guest Aerialist, Waverly Jones, to our studio for a weekend of workshops! 

Waverly will be teaching 5 Aerial workshops open to the public (limited space available) on Saturday, May 13th and will be available for private lessons on Sunday, May 14th. 

-Workshop Schedule- Saturday, May 13th-
-10:30am---Signature Skills, Poses & Drops (90 mins)
-12:00pm---Belay Play and Exploring Crossback Straddle (120 mins)
-2:30pm----Fun Sized Drops (90 mins)
-4:15pm----Splits on Lyra (90 mins)
-6:00pm----Lyra Drops (90 mins)

**Private lesson time slots available Sunday, May 14th 9am-4pm**
Sign up: https://www.mkt.com/store/ArkansasCircusArts


-Signature Skills, Poses & Drops
In this 90 minute workshop, students will learn proper execution of Waverly's signature skills, poses, and drops/dives. Skills and poses covered in the workshop are unique and original, encouraging students to explore their creative side and construct their own new Aerial Silks shapes and sequences. **Must be able to invert with ease with straight legs, must be familiar with intermediate to advanced aerial silks poses and drops, must be able to execute 3 clean pull ups. Must be familiar and comfortable with Crossback Straddle. 

-Belay Play & Exploring Crossback Straddle
In this 2 hour workshop, students will leave equipped with new and unique ways to get into Crossback Straddle and the Belay wrap. Expect to learn a variety of skills within Belay, including interesting shapes, stacked drops, and pretty bendy tricks. Written notes, photos and videos of yourself are encouraged in this workshop as you will be learning a mind-melting amount of silky awesomeness that you will not want to forget. **Prerequisites for attending this workshop are being comfortable inverting multiple times in the air, and having the ability to get in and out of the Crossback Straddle position with ease multiple times. Students should be at intermediate-advanced level to attend, with the ability to do 3 clean pull ups or chin ups. 

-Fun Sized Drops
Interested in exploring more dynamic ways to move in your fabric, but fear you don't have the height to do so? Fear not! In this 90 minute workthop, experiement with several drops suitable for heights of 15ft or lower. Drops include simple dives and small slack drops. Intermediate to advanced aerialists welcome, must be able to invert in the air cleanly multiple times within a 90 minute class time. 

-Splits on Lyra
Learn over 10 different and unique splits in this 90 minute workshop on Lyra, including a few unusual ones. Add several new ways to show off your flexibility in this intermediate to advanced workshop. **Must be able to invert with ease, must be comfortable and experienced with aerial hoop, and while having strong splits help when attending this workshop, the ability to do a full split is not necessary. 

-Lyra Drops
In this 90 minute workshop, students will learn a variety of popular drops on Lyra while breaking down the fundamentals of each movement. Each drop taught in this workshop as skill progressions suitable for most intermediate-advanced students, so if there is a drop that you are not ready for on the day of the workshop, you can continue working on preparing for it in the following days and weeks. **Prerequisites for attending this workshop are being comfortable inverting multiple times in the air with good form, the ability to do 2-3 clean pull ups or chin ups, and knowledge of aerial hoop skills at a level considered intermediate by your studio's standards. 

Private Lesssons Pricing: 
-$85/hour for 1-2 students
-$120 for 90 minutes for 1-2 students
-$150 for 120 minutes for 1-2 students

*For private lesson scheduling please call 501-701-3622 or email arkansascircusarts@gmail.com