Announcing ACA Adult Class Series: We’re thrilled to provide a more comprehensive and formal approach to circus education and fitness by offering 4-8 week series for all of our adult classes.

*** Starting February 1st*** ALL ADULT CLIENTS WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO OUR NEW CLIENT SOFTWARE- JACKRABBIT TECHNOLOGIES- Please register yourself within this new system BELOW or create your account in the studio at the front desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I wear to Pole class? shorts, sports bras, tank tops, heels optional for intermediate/advanced- NO LEGGINGS, NO SOCKS, **DO NOT APPLY LOTIONS OR OILS THE DAY OF POLE CLASS**

  2. What should I wear to an Aerial Arts class? leggings, yoga pants, fitted tops, leotards, unitards- NO JEANS, ZIPPERS, SEQUINS, T-SHIRTS, BAGGY CLOTHING, SHORTS, OR MIDRIFFS EXPOSED

  3. What should I bring to class? A water bottle

  4. When can I arrive for class? Arrive no earlier than 10-15 minutes before a class

  5. What is open gym? Open gym is an open studio practice time that can be used for Aerial Arts/Pole practice, conditioning or flexibility. Open gym is a time to practice ONLY tricks you've learned in class and can safely execute without a spotter and without a teacher . NO Youtube learning, skill sharing among students, or teaching is allowed between students for safety and liability reasons.

  6. When will I be ready to do Open Gym? Once you have been approved by an instructor and can do a 10 second bent arm hang OR 3 clean pull-ups with good form

  7. Where should I begin? If this is you first aerial class, we recommend coming to our Introductory Classes first to learn the vocabulary. Your instructor will let you know when you can move up to the next level class.

Class Descriptions

Aerial Yoga

In this class, you'll discover ways that the Aerial Hammock (aka sling, loop) can support and create space for us in our Yoga and inversion practice. The benefits of Aerial Yoga include increased strength and flexibility, improved balance, a safe inversion practice, AND it's fun and relaxing! No experience in Yoga or Aerial Arts is necessary! This is an adult class for ages 16+ (minors will need a parent present to sign a waiver)  


The Aerial Silks (aka Aerial Fabric, Aerial Tissue) are one of the most popular and well known Aerial apparatuses.  Silks are known as a vertical apparatus because you must climb to achieve the desired effect. The Silks are made of one piece of  heavy duty nylon fabric draped into two tails that the Aerialist uses to climb, wrap, and create locks that allow for beautiful poses and jaw dropping tricks! ACA offers beginner through advanced level  Silks classes for every level of fitness. In a Silks class you'll learn proper form, technique, conditioning, climbs, wraps, tricks, poses, drops and more!  ACA offers the following weekly classes: Intro to Aerial Silks, Aerial Silks Level I, Aerial Silks Level II, and Aerial Silks Level III. 



The Aerial Hammock is one of the most accessible apparatuses for beginners and is considered a cross between a static trapeze and silks. The Hammock is made from the same type of fabric as the Aerial Silks but is tied in a "U-shaped" loop that the Aerialist can sit on, hang from, or stand in. Hammock is a great starting place for those who want to build strength and technique before progressing on to other apparatuses. Hammock is also a great pick for those who love to spin or would like to focus more on Aerial Dancing. Even if you don't love spinning (YET!) , you'll learn poses, tricks, drops and more in a Hammock class! 

LYRA/Aerial Hoop

The Lyra (aka Aerial Hoop) is a steel apparatus in the shape of a hoop or ring and usually rigged from one or two points near the top. The Aerialist bends their body around the hoop to create poses and shapes. This is another apparatus that's great for those who love to spin! Even if you're not a fan of spinning, you'll learn tricks, transitions, rolls, balances, and sequences to fill your aerial addiction. ACA offers beginner through advanced level instruction on Lyra. Beginner and Intermediate/Adv  level classes currently offered. 


The Trapeze is a well known, traditional Circus apparatus that consists of a steel bar and two nylon or cotton ropes.  At ACA, we offer static trapeze classes on a single point and double point. The flyer  executes poses and tricks hanging from the bottom of the bar, sitting, or standing on the bar and using the ropes. Dynamic movement is also achievable  with rolls and beats performed by the Aerialist. 


pole Dance

What is pole dance? A combination of dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical barre.  Pole dance will build strength, flexibility and endurance involving athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and inversions. Build your upper body and core strength in this class while having fun. Get your aerobic and anaerobic workout on! We offer weekly beginner-advanced Pole dance and pole fitness group classes. Group private lessons are available at ACA!



AcroYoga mixes the mindfulness of Yoga, the excitement of Acrobatics, and the compassion of therapeutic flying to create an incredible practice rooted in play, communication, and community. You'll  learn flying, basing, and spotting techniques as well as how to support another's Acro experience. No acrobatic or gymnasticcs experience is necessary!  This class explores partner balancing, counterbalances, Thai Massage,  therapeutic flying, standing acrobatics, L-basing techniques, and performance Acro. Weekly All-Levels classes with Arkansas AcroYoga on Thursdays at 7:30pm. 

AERIAL strength & Conditioning

In this all levels conditioning class, you'll use a variety of Aerial apparatuses including the Silks, Lyra, and Trapeze to build strength and proper technique in the air. This is a great class for Aerialists of any level and beginning Aerialists to build and/or maintain a fitness level to safely and efficiently execute moves in the air. This class also incorporates floor conditioning and flexibility, teaching you ways to prevent injury, treat muscle soreness, and feel awesome in your aerial process! We recommend this class to any dedicated Aerialist or those who are  looking for a fun, new workout. 

 Stretch & Flex

In Stretch & Flex, an experienced instructor will lead you through mobility and flexibility moves and exercises designed to target your specific flexibility needs related to your Circus practice. This class features a combination of exercises/poses  on various  equipment, floor conditioning, and  active flexibility. Each class focuses on a different area of the body and flexibility such as shoulders, back, backbends, splits, hamstrings, straddle/middle splits,  and more! This is a non-aerial, ground focused class and perfect for the seasoned Circus junkie or the newcomer with little to no experience.