Open Gym & Special Events Calendar

What is Open Gym?

Open gym is unstructured training time where the gym is available for adult students and instructors to practice skills on the ground or in the air that they have learned in class. Open gym will always be supervised by an instructor or front desk administrator to assist students and ensure safety.

Aerial Open Gym Drop-in: $15

Ground Open Gym Drop-in: $5

Aerial Open Gym Unlimited Monthly Membership: $55

Ground Open Gym Unlimited Monthly Membership: $30

Open Gym Rules

  • WARM UP before practicing

  • Never work in the air without an instructor/supervisor present. NEVER PRACTICE ALONE!

  • Always use a crash mat for aerial work and folding mats for acro. YOU MUST HAVE A SPOTTER FOR ACRO!

  • Only work on skills and apparatuses that you have been trained on.

  • ATTEMPTING TRICKS AS SEEN FROM YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, SOCIAL MEDIA IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Please ask your instructor for proper instruction if you a see a trick you would like to learn.


  • When working on something new, ask an instructor to watch you.

  • ASK FOR A SPOT OR HELP! Never hesitate to ask an instructor or supervisor for assistance.

  • Be respectful of others and share our space!