Arkansas Pole Arts Presents “Sultry Summer Nights Pole Showcase”


Arkansas Pole Arts Presents “Sultry Summer Nights Pole Showcase”

Arkansas Pole Arts presents Sultry Summer Nights Pole Showcase on July 22nd in the Arkansas Pole Arts studio. Performance opportunities are open to pole students in any stage of their pole journey from intro to advanced levels. Students are invited to show off their skills for a cheering and supportive crowd of classmates and friends. With 30 audience members maximum per performance, this showcase promises an intimate and low-key environment.


“Performance is the icing on the cake to your dedication to your pole class,” says Pole Coordinator Britany Bass. “The ability to put moves together and create a cohesive work of art is a cap stone of every level of pole training. I highly encourage everyone taking classes to put together a performance. It is going to be a great evening celebrating our progress and talents.”


Students wishing to perform in the showcase won’t be without mentorship. Those who register to perform will also be automatically enrolled in the Choreography and Performance Intensive on June 24th from 4-5:30 pm.


“We will go over creating engaging choreography, counting beats and timing, how to work an audience, and going over any questions you may have about the showcase. Please come prepared with a few song choices, some questions, and a selection of pole tricks that you are confident performing at 90% accuracy.”


There will be two performances of the Sultry Summer Nights Showcase. The first from 8-9:30 pm and the second from 9:30-11 pm. Tickets will be available to pole students and their guests at the front desk beginning July 1st for $20 per ticket. ALL pole students are encouraged to attend the showcase! Even students brand new to the sport.

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