Youth Circus

North Little Rock

Gain confidence, PERFORM, express yourself, make friends, build strength & flexibility. Space is limited!

Teaching the Next Generation To Soar!

Aerial Silks, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Rope, Aerial Dance, AcroDance, Contortion/Flexibility, Tumbling, Choreography/Performance, Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Hand-balancing, Juggling, & Hula Hooping.

6 - 9 YEARS

Jr. Flyers Class Lvl 1 & 2

For kids who love to tumble, jump, dance and fly!
Perfect for 6-9 year olds looking to try out different circus skills, burn some energy, and make friends! Students will learn tumbling skills, handstands, Trapeze, Aerial Hammock/Silks, hula hooping, juggling & dance skills. There are performance and photoshoot opportunities for students in this class. Students begin in level 1 and may be advanced to level 2 with instructor approval.
Join at ANY time! You do not have to wait for the beginning of the month!
Click on the button to try your first class for $10 or call 501-725-4975.
Jr. Flyer’s Circus Class

Our daughter loves taking their Junior Flyer classes! We highly recommend their classes!
arkansas circus arts

Joey Aldrich

AGES 8-18

Bendy Flyers

Make friends while learning fun tricks!
Bendy flyers is a multi-level class designed to be taken as a supplement to Aerial Arts classes but is always open to students more interested in only flexibility and contortion. Students will focus on floor work, tumbling, flexibility, strength and acrobatic ground skills! Students will be grouped together based on skill level and ages.
Join at ANY time! You do not have to wait for the beginning of the month!
Click on the button to try your first class for $10 or call 501-725-4975
Bendy Flyers

We have been with circus arts for over a year now. The staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable. My daughter has had a blast and now another child wants to join! We love ACA!
arkansas circus arts

Amanda Crosby


Frequent Flyers Lvl 3

Build strength and learn fun new skills!
Build on the foundations of aerial dance!
This recreational class requires students to take a minimum of 3 hours per week, with 2 hours focused on aerial skills and 1 hour focused on tumbling and flexibility. Instructor approval required!
Frequent Flyer’s Class

My daughter has been taking classes at Arkansas Circus Arts for a few months now and she absolutely loves it. Her favorite things are the aerial hammock and trapeze. The whole staff is super friendly and we especially love Coach…
arkansas circus arts

Christy Baird


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Why Parents Choose Us

Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, we have a program for you. Here are six reasons why you should book a $5 trial class today…
Learn to fly!

We teach our littlest students real circus skills in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment where they are inspired to try more.

Safe training space

With full-length mirrors, plenty of mats, and quality equipment, our studio is a professional training facility.

Family friendly and social

The world of circus offers the opportunity to build lifelong friendships. 

Great for Self Esteem

Children build self-confidence while learning discipline and other life skills.

Get fit

Circus and aerial arts is a wonderful way for children to develop fitness as well as core & upper body strength without realising it!

Build circus technique

Are your kids the ones playing on the monkey bars and love showing off their skills? Enrolling in lessons will boost their skills and talent.

Frequently Asked Questions


Youth students should wear leotards, unitards, under armor style pants and shirts, leggings, or fitness bottoms.

We offer a live stream of classes in our lobby! We also have specific parent observation weeks that are typically every third week of the month, where parents are given a Zoom link into the classroom area to watch and observe. Please ask your child’s teacher to send you photos and videos from class. Older students may bring devices to class to take pictures and videos of what they are learning. When parents are watching or standing in the classroom area, it becomes a distraction and distraction becomes a safety issue when students are upside-down and up high in the air. 

Exceptions to this rule include very young students who are afraid to enter class on their own for the first time, students who are taking a private lesson outside of busy group class times, or a student’s first day.

Yes, you can sign up at any time, in the middle of the month or year. Please note that tuition fees will be automatically prorated.

Yes, you may call our front desk to try out a class and pay the $5 trial class rate before committing. Call us at 501-725-4975 to schedule.

Yes, classes for children under 3 years require a parent or guardian to participate with them during the class. This is an excellent opportunity for bonding and fun!

All students should arrive in gym appropriate attire with hair tied back and a water bottle. Older students 10+ should bring a bag with water bottle, notebook, pen, hair ties, deodorant, and any other supplies. 

No, most classes are done barefoot. We have lockers and cubbies for their shoes. Your child may need jazz shoes for recitals depending on what class they are enrolled in.

Long hair must be worn up in a bun, braids or up-do and be out of the face/not hanging in the way while upside-down.

Please email or call 501-725-4975 if you have questions about class placement. All students progress at their own rate. Even students with a strong background in dance, gymnastics, cheer, etc should start in the beginner level/level 1 classes so they can learn the circus and aerial vocabulary and have a good foundation.

Yes, there will be a Spring recital each year where our students showcase their hard work and training. This is mandatory for all youth students and optional for adult students.

Yes, we have performance opportunities for all levels and ages throughout the year including Winter Show, Spring Student Show, as well as community events for students in the performance track program.

Yes, we have a Summer class schedule as well as full summer camp and intensive schedules in June and July. 


Foster a love of acrobatic movement in an upbeat, positive environment. As a student, your loved one will grow their confidence and abilities while making friends for life. Get started with a trial lesson today!