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The perfect combination of fitness, dance, conditioning, and confidence-building! If you’re looking for a sustainable and fun way to exercise, build confidence, and make friends – we’ve got your back.


Level 1 Classes

Level: Graduated from Foundations or Received Instructor Approval
Pre-Requisite: Pole Foundations or Received Instructor Approval. Congratulations on graduating Pole Foundations! You’re ready to move into Level 1! In your class, you will learn climbs, static poses, spins, conditioning, floorwork, choreo, & begin your invert training on the pole. Some classes may focus more heavily on one skill, but all will prepare you to level up. Progress at your own pace!
Join Anytime | Tuition Charged Monthly | Enrollment Rolls Over Each Month Until You Cancel.
Students enrolled in weekly class series must pay $35 yearly membership fee + monthly tuition.
Introduction Classes

I love AR Pole Arts! I stopped working out after high school and needed to find a fun way to be active again! This was it! The support from instructors and other students is beyond!!
arkansas circus arts

RaeLyn T


Drop In Classes

Perfect for students with an irregular schedule that can’t take monthly series or students who want to put in more work towards their pole skills.
Drop-in Classes

Perfect combination of professional and creative. There is no better way to learn new skills than a fun atmosphere like ACA! Even without experience there is a perfect niche for what you are looking for. So thankful for the instruction…
arkansas circus arts

Whitney W.


Why You Should Choose Us

Our exceptionally talented instructors, amazing pole community, focus on safety and well-being, unique fitness classes, confidence boosting environment, and unwavering passion for self-expression through this art form truly sets us apart from any other studio in Arkansas. This is the perfect combination of fitness, dance, conditioning, and confidence-building! If you’re looking for a sustainable and fun way to exercise, build confidence, and make friends – we’ve got your back.

Our studio boasts a team of incredibly skilled and passionate pole instructors who expertly guide and empower students to unleash their full potential on the pole.


Our pole studio fosters a vibrant and supportive community, where individuals uplift and inspire one another to reach new heights of strength and self-expression.

Safety and Well-Being

The safety & well-being of our students is our utmost priority. Our instructors carefully design classes and training programs that prioritize skill development and technique to minimize the risk of injury.

Unique Fitness

Pole offers a unique fitness choice that combines strength, flexibility, and artistry, providing a dynamic and empowering workout experience unlike any other.


Participating in pole classes ignites a transformative journey that builds confidence by pushing boundaries, celebrating personal achievements, and fostering self-expression in a supportive and empowering environment.


We provide a transformative space where individuals can tap into their inner creativity, break free from inhibitions, and authentically express themselves, fostering personal growth and self-discovery through the art of pole dance.



Do not wear lotions, oils, or anything greasy or slick on your hands or skin on the day of pole class. This will make it impossible to grip the pole and other students will have trouble gripping as well.

Wear clothing that will allow your skin to grip the pole: shorts, sports bras, tank tops, crop tops, etc! Be confident!

Yes, tuition will be prorated accordingly if you sign up after the beginning of the month, and you won’t be charged the full amount shown on our website. Each student will be at a slightly different level, so our instructors are well-adept at scaffolding classes to match everyone’s needs – so you won’t “fall behind” by joining in the middle of a month or series.

NO, this is the price for 4 classes in one month aka a monthly class series. You pay this price monthly and attend class 1x/week. We prorate our tuition each month, so if there are more/less than 4 classes in a month – tuition will match the extra/lost class.

Please review our makeup policy here. If you are missing most of your classes in a month – talk with us to see if there is another class that better fits your schedule.

Heels are optional in most classes. Check with your teacher to see what you will be working on in class. Heels are not worn in Foundations classes.

A water bottle, towel (in summer for sweat), your phone (if you want to take videos of yourself towards end of class), GRIP AID such as chalk, dry hands or rosin- Dry Hands is available at ACA front desk.

Our pole studio can currently hold a maximum of 10 people per class. You might share a pole with another student, which is great for learning and not over-tiring yourself. Floorwork and Belly Dance classes can hold up to 12 people per class.

No, our beginner classes are designed for adults at any fitness level. Everyone progresses at their own rate.

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