10 Minutes of Abs and Arms!


10 Minutes of Abs and Arms!

It’s no secret that conditioning exercises will accelerate your progress in aerial and pole, but it seems impossible sometimes to make time for conditioning at home. Ideally, we would set aside 30-40 minutes a day to focus on conditioning and wellness, but we know that isn’t always accessible for everyone. We would wager that you do have ten minutes, though! Here is a great 10 minute workout that targets the arms and abs.

What you need: A timer, a sturdy chair or other piece of furniture.

Duration: Spend 1 minute doing each exercise. If you can’t do a particular exercise for a full minute, do as much as you can and come back to it later. Everyone is at a different spot and doing an exercise for any length of time is better than not doing it at all.

1 Minute- Warm Up!

Do something that gets your blood pumping! Lighter impact options might include jogging in place, butt kickers, or standing knee taps. Higher impact options include jumping jacks, jump rope, and tuck jumps.

1 Minute- Hollow Body Rocks (Abs) 

Find a hollow body position by laying on your back and lifting your chest and legs. Press your lower back into the floor. Then pretend you’re a boat by holding that shape and rock back and forth. Don’t let your heels touch the floor!

1 Minute- Plank Up and Downs (Arms/Abs)

Hold a plank position with your shoulders directly over your wrists. Keep your butt down, but don’t arch your back. Lower down to your forearms one arm at a time. Then come back up to a high plank and repeat.

1 Minute- Russian Twists (Abs) 

Sit with your legs bent and your lower back straight. Rotate your torso from side to side, touching the floor as you twist.

1 Minute- Table Top Hold (Arms)

From seated, keep the legs bent and arms straight and press the hips up. Keep your fingertips pointing towards your toes, and your feet parallel.

1 Minute- Heel Taps (Abs) 

Lay on your back, and find your hollow body position again. Sit up and bring your legs in at the same time and tap your heels with your hands. Return to the hollow body position and repeat.

1 Minute- Downward Dog Push Ups (Arms)

Get to downward dog by coming to your plank, lifting your hips, and pressing your chest towards the ground with your shoulders by your ears. Bend your elbows to lower down and push off to return to your original position.

1 Minute- Lever Lowers (Abs)

Find a piece of sturdy furniture and lay down on your back in front of it. Grip the furniture and lift your legs to an L-shape. Lower your legs to the ground as slowly as possible while keeping your lower back pressed into the floor.

1 Minute- Tricep Dips (Arms)

Find a chair or something sturdy  of similar height. Place your hands on the chair and face away from it with your hips up and your legs straight. Bend your elbows directly behind you, and push back up to the original position.

1 Minute- Cool Down

Whew! You did it! Now spend some time cooling down to reduce tightness and soreness. Stretch your abdominals through your cobra stretch. Keep your hips on the ground and your shoulders down.

Show your arms some love by reaching up with one hand and placing it directly in between your shoulder blades. Gently place your other hand on the elbow. Do both sides.

Bring one arm across your body, pull the same side shoulder back and hold the arm in place with the opposite hand. Do both sides.

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