A Gift Guide for Aerialists and Pole Dancers – 5 Things We Need!


A Gift Guide for Aerialists and Pole Dancers – 5 Things We Need!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one who does aerials and/or pole, look no further! We have compiled a list of gifts that will bring them joy this season.

1. Give training experiences.

While we all enjoy stuff, the best gifts in life are often the ones that take up the least amount of space. You know what takes up zero space? Gift certificates! (Okay… well they may take up a little space, but you know what we mean.) A gift certificate to Arkansas Circus Arts can help your loved one level up in their training by taking a new class, or getting one-on-one instruction. A gift card of $85 can amount to four classes or a month series. A gift card for $100 can amount to a private lesson for non-members, or $70 for members. If you are unsure about what your gift recipient may want, give us a call and our wonderful front desk staff will make a recommendation.

2. Clothes

We are always looking for a cute new outfit to wear to the gym, but the clothing requirements for pole and aerial can be a little specific. Aerialists need fitted clothes that cover as much skin as possible. Leotards and leggings are a perfect choice for folks who fly. Fitted jackets and tank tops are also great options. Try to avoid clothes with zippers or sequins as this can get caught on the equipment.

If your pal does pole, disregard everything we just said! These people need skin exposed to be able to grip the pole. Fitted shorts work really well. We love polejunkie.com for all your pole clothing needs. They also have a great selection of heels which is another feature on many pole dancer’s wishlists. Be sure to only buy clothes your loved one would love to wear. Some pole clothes can be pretty revealing so you want to get something the receiver would want.

3. Massages

Aerial and pole both make the muscles work hard. It’s not surprising then that all that hard work translates to a need for massage therapy. Unfortunately, while aerial and pole athletes might need a good massage, we rarely want to spend the money on ourselves. It’s safe to say that the gift of muscles that don’t ache would be much appreciated for the holidays.

4. Stretching Goodies

Every aerialist or polerina needs a bag of goodies to help them warm up and stretch it out. Yoga blocks, yoga mats, therabands, back rollers, yoga peanuts, massage guns, pull up bars, and the list goes on… We are always looking for a fun new tool to help us stretch it out! Consult with your loved one to see what tools they already have, and then help them fill in the blanks. A gym bag to keep their stretching gear in might also be an excellent gift.

5. Merch!

Like anyone with a hobby, most pole and aerial peeps want people to know what they do (because it’s awesome!) So we advertise this on t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, jewelry, notebooks, and anything else we can get. Stop by and check out the Arkansas Circus Arts merch in our lobby. We have new stickers, t-shirts, and sweatshirts available. Plus keep an eye out for even more new merch in the next few weeks.

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