April Updates – What’s Next For ACA


April Updates – What’s Next For ACA

Hello ACA Students & Parents,

We hope your are doing well during this unexpected time of uncertainty. I know many of our students and families are feeling the stress of the ripple effect from COVID-19. ACA is continuing to act quickly and moving most of our classes/training to online platforms. Below is our plan for April and some information about what we will be offering in the next month.

  • Closure Dates- ACA will continue to be closed for Adult and Youth group classes until April 17th. We are hoping to re-open after that but there are many unknowns for all of us at this time.
  • Auto-drafts & Tuition- We will not be charging or auto drafting accounts for April tuition. We know this is a difficult time for many, including us as a small business. Your family has invested time and money into your and/or your child’s training so please do not throw that away due to this unfortunate circumstance.
  • Drop Class/Unenroll- Please do not drop/unenroll your child or yourself from your class. We will not be posting fees or charging tuition for any classes you are currently enrolled in. This will save us hours of administrative time.
  • ACA and it’s instructors are in a vulnerable situation because we are dependent upon tuition payments for not only payroll but countless other fixed expenses that are not going away even though the world has paused.
  • If you find yourself in a position to take advantage of our new offerings please do so. However we don’t want any of our students to stop training because of financial hardship. If you find yourself or family is not in a position to take advantage of one of these programs we encourage you to reach out to us privately and we will find a solution that fits your needs! If you are in a blessed place financially and you can help out someone else – call or email us and we will help you do that.
  • If you would like us to keep drafting payment for you or your child’s tuition, please respond and let us know. Some of you have reached out to us already about doing this and we can’t even express how grateful we are! If you choose to do this, you’ll also get access to all the online videos, training and private lessons below.
  • Makeup Classes- Many of you have paid for March tuition and still have makeup classes. You will be able to makeup these classes as soon as we open again. We are not able to allow students to use their makeup classes to pay for online or in-person training while we are closed in April. We considered this but it just isn’t feasible for us. We also want to support our instructors who will be offering their expertise during April at open gyms and via distance learning platforms.
  • Distance & Online Learning- Now more than ever, our children AND adults, need exercise, community, and movement. We believe that the online options for learning that we’ll be offering for a short time are high-quality, progression-based, and safe for our students to do. We’ve put a lot of thought and hours into creating this content for you and believe that it will be a great temporary supplement. Children and Adults also need a sense of normalcy and community at this time. We are offering that through our private Facebook group and Zoom meetings for our youth students.
  • Student Show & Spring Performances- We will be rescheduling and pushing back our spring student show that usually takes place in May. We will keep you updated on this. Spring event performances for our students will also be rescheduled and we will update you as soon as we have information.

TOGETHER we will get through this. Our circus community is strongest together and we will need each other to lean on during these difficult times. Thank you for your continued support.

  • Training Options for April: Starting in April we will be begin offering online classes and instruction for contortion/acro, conditioning, floorwork, flexibility, handstands, and more. Additional offerings will include social media live classes/events: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@arkansascircusarts), and join our private FB group “Arkansas Circus Arts Community” for access! We will also be offering some virtual solutions to instruction, please see these options below.

Adult Students- Click Here to View and Sign Up
  • 2 Week – Adult Package – $30

    • Access to 4-5 videos/week (content varies based on student)

    • General conditioning/stretching plan

  • 2 Week – Adult Package – $70

    • 2 Zoom/Skype/Facetime Private Lessons (1/week)

    • Access to 6-7 videos (content varies based on student)

    • Personalized 2 week Stretch/Conditioning/Goal Plan

    • FREE Open Gym

  • 2 Week – Adult Private Lesson Package – $85

    • 2 Zoom/Skype/Facetime Private Lessons (1/week)

    • Access to 6-7 videos (content varies based on student)

    • Personalized 2 week Stretch/Conditioning/Goal Plan

    • FREE Open Gym

    • 1.5hr  In-Person Private Lesson (can be scheduled at a later date)

  • Monthly Classes (Int/Adv Adult Students Only) Cost of Normal Tuition- This option will allow instructors to send videos of skills and moves to enrolled students. Students will work on these skills during open gym times where an instructor will be available for troubleshooting and guidance.

    • Includes access to video content above including skills, conditioning, & stretching as well as videos of Aerial Skills from class

    • FREE Open Gym

Youth Students- Click Here to View and Sign Up
  • Pre-school & 6-9yr March 30-April 17 – $35

    • Access to 3-5 active circus videos each week

    • 2 Group Zoom sessions with Teacher and Classmates

  • Contortion/Acro/Circus Conditioning 10+yr March 30-April 17 – $40

    • Access to 5-6 videos each week

    • Opportunities for 2-3 group Zoom sessions w/ Teacher & Classmates

  • Private Lesson Packages

    • 1 hour Virtual Lessons (Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime): 1 for $40, 2 for $70, 3 for $90 + video content above

    • 1 hour In-Person: 1 for $60 + video content included for at home training (can be scheduled at later time)

These options are available to sign up for through the student/parent portal and website. Keep checking our Facebook page, your emails and community group for updates.

We will continue to monitor this situation for changes until it eventually subsides…and it will eventually! We miss all of you so much and want to do whatever we can to support our families during this time. We ask that you please respond to this email with your choice for April training or call us at 501-725-4975. Because of our limited hours and staff, emails will get a faster response at this time. Thank you for supporting ACA and being part of this community.

Camille Rule & Rebeka Poland

ACA Owners/Operators

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