Alice King

Pole & Belly Dance Instructor

“Hi! My name is Alice, and I’m so happy to have you in my class. I’m 32 years young, and I teach Belly Dance & Pole classes at ACA! I also work with Silks, Lyra, Flying Pole, and have dabbled with Hammock/Sling as well!”

My goal is to make sure everyone learns from the foundations up, practices safety and mindfulness, and most importantly that my students always have a fun time! Whether you’re brand new to movement classes or have been at it for years, my goal is to always make everyone in the room feel welcomed and confident. So bring your water and let’s do this!

I have been in the performing arts for most of my life! I was in color guard for a championship band program through middle and high school. My circus journey started in 2009 when I stepped foot into my very first belly dance class in Memphis, TN. I had always admired aerial silks but I was so afraid of heights and that kept me from trying for a long time! I was running a neo-vaudeville variety troupe in Knoxville, TN when I began working with a local aerialist and in 2013 I finally decided to confront my fear of heights head on! I’ve been flying ever since and it is one of the greatest joys of my life! I came to ACA in 2020 after moving to Little Rock and this gym is a second home and a big extended family to me.

I have a pretty eclectic background. I’ve never been someone who can only do one thing at a time which has made my life so full of fun and interesting experiences! Some fun facts about me – I am a chef, a belly dancer, an aerialist, a personal trainer, a wife, and a mom!